Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hurray for Bollywood!

The Indie short that my friend and I made earlier in the year has continued to enjoy success at art house film festivals around the world. Last month it was shown simultaneous in Mumbai, India and in Cornwall, England. This was as a result of a joint collaboration between film curators in the two countries. A similar scheme means that our presence at a film festival in Germany will lead to it being shown in Mexico. The joint English/Indian video art screenings took place in late October at The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance and at Clark House Mumbai.  Cristóbal Catalán directed the film I appeared in. We have been told that our film has received a very favourable reception whenever it has been shown. I am not surprised as it has usually had to beat off stiff competition to be screened in the first place and of course there is the added bonus of me appearing in a steel-boned figured silk corset, as well as special appearances by my 1910 veiled hat for lovers of vintage millinery. It has garnered an impressive amount of festival credits for a short Indie film, especially as it was done in a hurry to meet a deadline imposed by the Dutch arts festival which originally commissioned it way back in March of this year. So now the Brimstone Butterfly can add international film actress to her CV along with broadsheet journalist, television concert pianist and radio broadcaster. Only a tiresome pedant would point out that I have but a single credit for each.

The Square Eyes 4 Mumbai Programme featured the following artists from England:

Fred McVittie, 'Look At Modern Art'
Anna Sadler, 'Mine',
Anne Haycock, 'Face to Face',
Daniela Palimariu, 'Breakfast On Red Table'
Rebecca Ballard, 'Miss Smith',
Mary Fletcher, 'Art Notes',
Ken Turner, 'Derrida the Truth in Painting & Van Gogh's Painting',
Fred Mc Vittie, 'Rabbit Meat',
Laura Phillips, 'Beacon For John Cabot Tower (Semaphore Line)',
Ian Whitford, '18/11/09 5:46pm',
Cristobal Catalan, 'Tour(scape)',
Charlotte Jackman, 'The Daily Fiction',
Fred Mc Vittie, 'Balls Deep',

The following artists participated from Mumbai, India:
N. Pushpamala, 'Indian Lady',
Rupali Patil, 'Homage to the Honey Bee',
Baptist Cohelo, 'If it Would Only End',
Shakuntala Kulkarni, 'Is this just a game III',
Shakuntala Kulkarni, Is It Just a Game IV',
Aditi Joshi, 'untitled',
Sharmila Samant, 'Dilemma',
Prabhakar Pachpute, 'Tears of the Unknown',
Tushar Joag, 'Jataka Trilogy',
Vasudha Thozhur, nighwalkscape,  
Justin Ponmany, 'Circuit Video'.