Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hat trick.

I am going to become a film star. Perhaps I should qualify that. I am going to star in an Independent film…a very short independent film. I landed the role not so much through the casting couch but through the casting dinner table. My friend, the Filmmaker, came around for lunch during the week and I made him a Nigella Lawson Thai Seafood Curry. I used Thai Red Curry paste instead of yellow and a butternut squash rather than pumpkin. I followed it with a baked apricot cheesecake. Tonight the Partridge is coming around for supper and I have just finished preparing a puff pastry curried fish pie, which I shall follow with pancakes and cream served with cloudberries soaked in cloudberry liqueur. I am also in the act of baking her some Finnish Nissua loaves (sweet white bread flavoured with cardamom) to take home to her family as well as some lemon cupcakes. I might also make some butternut squash soup flavoured with fresh orange juice and grated ginger if I have time. I made the pancakes in a batch on Wednesday and froze them, taking out four from the freezer to use today. I always batch cook pancakes as I seem to have problems getting the first few pancakes to keep their shape and not break in two as I flip them over with a spatula. I like to add two tablespoons of Grand Marnier to the batter mixture and then later reheat the cooked and defrosted pancakes in butter and more liqueur. For someone who is all but teetotal I do not stint on the alcohol when it comes to home cooking but at least I don’t take crafty nips from the bottle as I do so.

My friend who came a-calling on Friday is a very talented filmmaker and photographer. He studied film-making at university and won an award for his documentary on street children in third world countries.  He has not being as prolific as he would have liked to have been in recent years. Fortunately he has now rediscovered a renewed enthusiasm for his art. His photography was highly commended in a recent international photography competition in London and his films have appeared at film festivals in the UK and currently in New York. It seems that he has been asked to produce a short film for an international film festival to be held in Amsterdam. As he has to shoot it next week he has asked if I would star in it along with some of my vintage hats. In the past he has expressed a keenness to shoot my collection of corsets with me modelling them. But he has quite rightly thought I would say no if he suggested that as a subject matter for next week. If I ever do decide to allow a film to be made about my corsets I would insist on final editorial approval before I allowed it to be screened in public.

The mouth watering pictures of the Thai seafood curry and the baked apricot cheesecake were taken by him. I have a very eclectic collection of crockery and cutlery. My crockery ranges from the mid-19th century to the latter decades of the 20th century. Most of my cutlery is either 19th century or else early 20th century. By mixing and matching I am able to eat off antique china and cutlery without breaking the bank or breaking off a friendship if a guest at Brimstone Butterfly Towers happened to break a piece.

Given that the Filmmaker was so keen to photograph my food I thought it an ideal opportunity to persuade him to take a picture of me feet shod in a pair of vertiginous high heels so I could use it to illustrate an earlier post. They are the kind of shoes I would never wear in public lest I become a fallen woman in every sense of the word. If I am going to trip over in them and fall to the ground like a felled tree, I insist on having soft furnishings to land upon. I went to retrieve my high heels after the Filmmaker asked if he could photograph my ankle high faux leopard skin furry slippers. I have a sneaking suspicion the latter will end up on some foot fetish site as they seem to have mysteriously vanished from the images he sent me. They look absurd but they kept my feet warm over an otherwise biting cold winter and frost bitten tootsies are never in vogue.