Saturday, 18 September 2010

Thames Day 2010 :Part 3 Diablada or:The Dance of the Devils

Thanks to a sharp-eyed commentator on  called Danse Manatee, I have been able to establish that the characters in the images below, which I took at last weekend's Thames Day 2010, are from the traditional South American dance known as the Diablada or Dance of the Devils. Fusing Christian and l pre-Conquest elements, it tells the story of the eternal battle between the Good and Evil. The character at the front is of course Satan. The figure circling him with a cross on his breast, a shield on his arm and a sword in his hand is the Archangel Michael. Several South American countries, including Bolivia, Peru and Chile, are currently engaged in an eternal  battle of their own to establish that the dance originates from within their respective borders.

Behind the two main characters follows hosts of winged angels. I am grateful to Danse Manatee for correcting my fundamental error of assuming that the original images were oriental in origin