Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Butterfly all a flutter

On Friday night the Eagle came around for supper. She told me after she had arrived that one of her colleagues was all for inviting herself around to join us. But as the Eagle had not been able to warn me in advance she decided it might not be wise to turn up on my doorstep with an unannounced guest. Mind you, the Eagle turned up with such a magnificent bouquet of flowers, (including roses, tiger lilies, trumpet lilies) I could scarcely have been less than gracious to any friend that might have accompanied her. As it was the food would readily have stretched to three without me employing the kind of subterfuge I was obliged to resort to when I once realised I had made insufficient wild rice for a supper party. I placed a tiny amount of rice in a bowl, covered it with my hand and pretended to eat from it hoping people would think there was more underneath. On Friday I served prawns in a mint vinaigrette on a bed of baby lettuce leaves (making use of herbs from the garden), Thai fish curry with mango and finally pineapple soaked in Malibu topped with whipped cream infused with vanilla from a vanilla pod. At the end of the evening the Eagle left behind a bottle of gin in my safe hands, knowing that when she comes a-calling again it will probably all still be there. That is unless the Partridge pops around as the latter is rather partial to a tipple of Mother’s Ruin herself.

The next day, after a short illness, my laptop gave up the ghost and died on me. I am hoping to get someone in to try and resuscitate it or, at the very least, retrieve my data. Playing around with it I finally for the blue screen of doom and a message that I had but to press a button and my hard disk would be recovered. That was not an enticing prospect as it also indicated that ALL user data would be lost should I proceed. I have faith in the ability of my data to be retrieved. In one role, I had to call in external IT security experts to my then workplace over night. They were able to access all the hard disks without leaving any trace of their presence to the extent of taking digital photographs of the workstations in advance so they could leave it exactly as they found it. The most incriminating images they found were of topless women on one man's pc but as as he was known to be devoutely gay, it was decided there was little point in taking the matter further. Likewise, security experts seem to be able to find evidence from hard drives for purposes of obtaining criminal evidence when they have to, so I doubt if I have wiped clean my data even if I wanted to.

I have been using the pc at my health club on an ad-hoc basis. To my consternation I cannot access my own blog from there as any blogspot.com website constitutes a banned site! Unless the IT guy can raise my laptop from the dead I will be forced to buy a new one. I can’t really afford to at the moment but then I need a laptop for so many things. Going cold turkey is not easy and getting a quick fix at an internet café cannot be compared to having my drug of choice on hand 24/7.