Friday, 12 February 2010

Shooting from the lips.

Today I dealt with some general administration then went off to the gym for a session on the rowing machine before setting off to the hairdressers. My listeners might not be able to see my artfully tousled locks tomorrow, but I want to look my very best for my big night or rather morning.

On the train journey there, I tried to check my voice-mails just in case there were any last minute messages from the radio producer. To my annoyance the battery needed to be recharged. To my relief, just before I went into the hairdressers I spied an electronics shop selling accessories for mobile phones. I dashed in only to be told by a bored young woman seated at a pc that the man who could assist me was out and would not be back for another hour. That meant I would need to use the hairdresser’s landline to access my own home phone. If there were any important messages, the producer would have left them there as well as on my mobile. Try as I might I could not access my answering machine using the hairdresser’s landline so I tried my mobile once more. I just managed to access the two messages held on it before it died.

When I replayed them both I was incensed. It was someone pestering me for help when they knew full well I would be fraught with worry about tomorrow. I felt my blood pressure soar as I complained about their behaviour to the sympathetic hairdresser.

Still heaping silent imprecations on the caller I returned home. Oddly there were no calls on my landline or e-mail messages from the miscreant. I charged up my mobile phone. Yes, the messages were still there. I then decided to check the date. They were from last month! Thank heavens I had not vented my righteous indignation in a telephone call or e-mail. Mind you, their past behaviour alone had certainly deserved it. But for once they were completely innocent of all charges of self-absorption and selfishness. Modern technology can be such a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.