Friday, 10 December 2010

Gym’ll fix it.

Earlier this week I thought I was going mad. I had gone along to my local gym intent on surrendering my membership on the grounds it was too extravagant a luxury in my current financial circumstances. I was determined to get the most from my membership until I relinquished it and so went along for a session on the bikes. At one point I glanced across to the man sitting nearest to me. With a start I realised he was a global sports star for whom I had carried a torch for many a year. It was just my luck that I looked distinctly underwhelming. I never made any effort as to how I looked at the gym, preferring to concentrate on getting into shape than making sheep’s eyes at the menfolk. I quickly looked away not wishing to be accused of gawking. It then struck me that it was unlikely to have been him and the likeness must be a figment of my imagination. I scanned the faces of those passing by me for signs that they too had recognised him but there was nothing conclusive. Later in the changing room I overhead a woman saying that she needed a cold shower but again no-one mentioned him by name.

Yesterday, when I popped back to the gym I apologised in advance to the staff on reception fearing I might come across as a little unhinged with my question. However for my own peace of mind I needed to know whether I had really seen the global sports star on their premises. It transpired I had. Such is my luck to surrender membership the very day that I discover my heartthrob has joined. Sometimes Life is just not cricket.

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