Monday, 13 September 2010

Thames Day 2010: The Fireworks Display

Yesterday I awoke shortly before the crack of noon. It was too late to go to Kew Gardens and drop by Kew Palace so I toyed with the idea of popping into Hampton Court instead. Just as I was calculating journey times I came across publicity for Thames 2010. I was too late for Saturday’s festivities but I still had plenty of time to watch the night carnival and the fireworks that would signal the end of the weekend long celebrations.

I ended up taking close to several hundred photographs of varying quality and it will take me some time to sort through them all. In the interim I have uploaded the final segment of a video I took of the spectacular fireworks display itself. It must have lasted around 10 to 15 minutes in all but the fireworks were impressive from the start. I watched it all from Hungerford Bridge. I could probably have had an even better vantage point from Waterloo Bridge but that would have delayed me getting my train back home. As it was I managed to back at Brimstone Butterfly Towers by 11pm. It was a great evening’s entertainment for the cost of the train fare. Mind you, I noticed another reveller texting a fellow Council taxpayer chiding him for not being present. As someone whose taxes help fund the Mayor of London and thus the event itself, I think for once I got my money’s worth.

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