Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A (radio) star is born!

I finally managed to catch up with the producer of the popular BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live show, which goes out at 9am every Saturday. (video killed the radio star ) After we had spoken for a while about my article, which was commissioned by the Guardian newspaper and first published on here,(Fire! ) he said he would love me to do an interview with them and preferably live THIS Saturday. They will be sending a car to pick me up and get me to the broadcasting studios by 8.30 am. Although my segment will only last 10 minutes or so, they want me to stay for the whole hour and answer any supplementary questions that the listeners might care to put to me. It is all very exciting and yet more grist for my blog.


  1. Caro,
    We are so excited for you about this - things have moved on incredibly quickly from last week!

    I'll make sure we're tuned in and listening, so you will know all your friends are wishing you well.

    Thank you so much for letting us know.

    You never know it might be a TV appearance next!

    Good luck for Saturday!


  2. Brilliant. I shall certainly either tune in or make sure I record it on Sky to catch up later in the day. I have now started my Master's Degree as well as still working full time, so tend to spend Saturday all day studying and catch up with my life later in the day. Fingers crossed for you though and hope it goes well. This could be the start of a whole new career:-)

    Take care and good luck
    Love Ed.

  3. How exciting! I shall make a note to listen out - we will probably be in the car as we are leading a walk on Saturday. Enjoy the moment!

  4. Hi Caro
    Sounds very glamorous - can get Radio 4 on my digital tv so will try and tune in!

  5. Wow! Caro!,

    What a great event this is ! I hope you get this "Angela Rippon/ Anna Ford" types are ALWAYS in demand and you simply must make a recording to remind yourself in future about the first step you took to media fame and stardom.

    I must say, I am not surprised with this development because you always seem to be able to communicate so know the first thing that struck me when you interviewed me was the way you expressed yourself ! You were so clear and confident and I could understand you perfectly.....despite my non-English background.

    May God bless you fully and prosper you in all you do.
    Blessings M

  6. I'll make sure I listen out for it - will need an alarm clock!

  7. We shall be listening avidly! Well done - I hope you enjoy having a chauffeur!
    Good Luck

  8. WELL DONE!!!!That's SO cool!!!

    Keep going!



  9. Thanks for letting me know , I wil try to remember to listen, or else I can catch you on BBC iPlayer - I wonder what you'll be talking to the nation about - is it your Guradian newspaper experience?

    David H

  10. Dear Caro,

    This is great news. I am more than happy for you and will certainly tune in on Saturday.

    Indeed, you are a star and it is not appropriate that you should do a public transport. It's unheard of. Speak to you soon.

  11. Hienoa, Caro!
    Kuuntelen ohjelmaa. Kerro meille siitä ensi tiistaina.
    terv. Eeva


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