Monday, 22 February 2010

Brickbats and bouquets.

“I thought that woman talking about the fire was very boring, “ wrote one commentator on Facebook. Ouch! I thought. To my relief his opinion seemed to be in the minority. According to my university tutor her husband had been in tears at my interview (and not tears of laughter either according to my fellow students, to whom she had been enthusiastically describing my broadcast moments before I arrived).

Mandip's sister said that a former Head of BBC Radio described my performance as being “impressive.” However, it seems my allegedly “posh” accent is distinctly unfashionable in a world in which regional accents are most prized. Otherwise I would have been a strong contender for a role as a radio continuity announcer. I always was a woman out of my time. At least I received many kind comments, some of which I have included below just to remind myself that “I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it."

Well, I put my alarm on for 9am this morning (which is not a thing I do lightly on a Saturday morning!) and thought that the well-spoken Caro (or was it Carrie?) spoke very vividly and eloquently about her experiences. Fi Glover was obviously very impressed by the way you got onto the ladder so far above the ground - and so far away from the actual window (as am I, of course). You are a natural interviewee - I didn't detect any nerves at all. Nice mention of B.
Let me know when your next outing onto national radio is due...

Hi Caro
You were brilliant - so confident and articulate - well done! It was great to raise awareness of smoke alarms and it reminded me to check mine. I'm also thinking I may get a CO monitor as I have gas boiler,
best wishes

That was excellent! what a pro I would have um'd and ah'd all the way through and been a total amateur. Hope you got some recipes off Simon.

Well done 'Cary' - you were very easy to listen to and no mistakes!
Ali x

Went very well! Thanks for the mention,

Well done. You were v clear and fluent.

Hello Caro,
I have just heard your story on BBC Iplayer Radio 4. You sounded GREAT! It was really good and I know you told me the story before but it was really interesting to hear it on the radio. You sound REALLY good on the radio. Give me a call so we can meet up again soon.

Wow Caro, thanks for that... just listened to it now and it's completely blown my mind.
Talk about a literal leap of faith!!! You are so eloquent, one of the best interviews I've ever heard on that subject, totally compelling, thanks so much xxxx
Chele xxx

We listened to it again. Well done! A lovely voice.

Dear Caro!
I thought you were very good with your interview - clear and concise ... I hope you enjoyed being a radio star!
Well done

Hello Caro.
Very well done, you were extremely poised, and your voice is perfect for radio. Thought about applying to the BBC for a job?

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  1. Dear Caro,

    Just a short note to say we listened to your broadcast (and even recorded it in case we missed it live!) and thought you came over excellently. I expect the whole thing was incredibly interesting to be part of - you didn't have a trace of nerves which I'm sure I would have done. I see more is in the pipeline with the Prof of Architecture.

    Off to Northumberland next week for a break,

    Best wishes,


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