Friday, 30 October 2009

I spy with my little eye something beginning with G!

For the past week I have been searching everywhere for my second pair of glasses. Yesterday, I even asked at the gym whether they had been handed in. It was especially annoying because I had had so much trouble buying the glasses in the first place.

Two years ago, newspaper coupon in hand, I went along for a supposedly free eye test, assuming that my vision was perfect. Apparently I was wrong and the optician recommended reading glasses. I was mortified. I was not the kind of person who wore reading glasses. I used to have a screensaver at work bearing the legend: I am not a loose woman I am simply falling to bits. Now my words were proving prophetic. It took me well over an hour before I settled on a pair of Calvin Klein rimless varifocals, which was the nearest I could get to invisible glasses short of wearing contact lenses, the latter being something I could not stomach. Ironically, I need not have worried about wearing reading glasses as it was months before I actually received them.

Originally, I was given a delivery date of a few weeks. That came and went without the arrival of the glasses. Then, at regular intervals I was assured by the opticians that the glasses would be in-store for collection the day after tomorrow, or so their supplier had informed them. The next excuse was that the supplier was experiencing difficulties in manufacturing them before finally conceding that they had not even started work on them. It struck me that I could have gone to Venice, apprenticed myself to a glassmaker and made the glasses myself in the time it took to supply me with two new pairs. Only after the optician admitted defeat and switched suppliers did I finally received both glasses and at a substantially reduced price for my trouble.

Now it seems I might well need a new eye test. This morning I glanced up at my bookshelf and to my astonishment saw my glasses case with my glasses securely in them. I know I have picked up several other items in the past few days within inches of those glasses so why could I literally not see them? Perhaps my mind is beginning to crumble too.

Dog Day Afternoons

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