Thursday, 29 October 2009

More Tales of the Supernatural.

I had always wanted to be an actor as a child. Until the age of 10, I was firmly convinced I had even been a child star in silent films. I wish now I had told an adult about my belief. Perhaps they might have prised more details out of me or perhaps they would have laughed at my fanciful talk of reincarnation. As it was, the closest I ever came to appearing in a Hollywood blockbuster was a walk on part in the school nativity play.

Consequently, I was more than a little jealous when my brother’s young son landed a role in a major Hollywood horror film, later regarded as a modern classic of its genre. The director had originally only meant to search for extras at the public school my brother’s son attended. However,  the director was so struck by the "period " look of my nephew’s face, he instantly gave him a key speaking role in the film. It was a fantastic experience for my nephew. Hitherto, he had been prone to being bullied by certain class mates. That all changed on his triumphant return from location shooting. His popularity soared along with his growing self confidence as he magnanimously sold to his erstwhile bullies, autographed pictures from the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress he had acted alongside and recounted stories about his brief but glorious career as a movie star.