Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hold the front page!

Having taken tentative steps into the world of blogging, I was bold enough to send one or two pieces on spec to the broadsheets. In the event, I sent two different pieces to two separate newspapers. One of them has now contacted me, asking me to expand my piece on the house-fire into an article for their weekend magazine. (My revised version). The new deadline is this coming Monday! They are also going to arrange for their picture editor to take photographs of me with which to illustrate the article. As long as I don’t get writers’ block, completing the article itself should be relatively straightforward. More daunting is the thought of the photographer. I need to cut out the carbs and hit the gym with a vengeance or else find out just how familar the photographer is with photoshop. If the camera always tells the truth I want to make damn sure that it is MY version of the truth!


  1. I managed to get into your blog this time - its really excellent! Do you know how many hits you are getting?

  2. Butterfly,
    Thats fantastic news! Well done!
    I'll come over on Friday. We can eat out, you might be too busy too cook. If you want I can proof read your article.

  3. Hi Butterfly

    Have been meaning to drop you a note and wish all the best with the article. I read your fire blog last night it is an excellent piece and I can see why they picked it up. Perfect concluding lines re: people.

    It's strange for me reading stories that I have heard from you before but the concert pianist was certainly a new one to me!

    Good luck with the photoshoot is he coming to you?



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