Monday, 19 October 2009

A Tower of London

I am a member of the Royal Palaces. It means, for an annual fee, I can drop into one of five London palaces. Consequently I have found myself making innumerable trips to Hampton Court, Kew Palace and the Tower of London.
On my last visit to the Tower I explored the Cradle Tower, whose ground floor contained a memorial to Anne Askew the 16th century Protestant martyr. Suddenly, I felt unnerved as I could hear a man reciting part of the liturgy in Latin. I looked around. I was completely alone. I went into another chamber, furnished with a simple table and chair. Again, I heard the same voice. I found myself saying Amen as if to pacify the tormented soul forever condemned to repeat the liturgy in the place where he had been tortured and perhaps executed for his faith. As I went into the hallway I realised that the voice was on a loop as part of the exhibition commemorating religious martyrs in the Tower.

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