Monday, 19 October 2009

Dancing Queen

I love going along to historical re-enactments. I once went to Eltham Palace when Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Cardinal Wolsey and the King’s Fool were present. I had a chance to ask Katherine of Aragon a question. It was slightly embarrassing as I am very much Team Anne Boleyn. However, I did join in the dancing in thr Great Hall including the lively Tudor Brawl. It reminded me of the country dances held on the lawns of my primary school, where we wore white blouses and full black skirts edged with colourful ric-rack ribbons. Then my favourite dance had been the polka. Once, at Greenwich Palace I took part in dances dating from the time of Charles I. It was a real feather in my cap when the ladies, in full seventeenth century court costume, much admired my own large brimmed straw hat. The latter has regal connections of its own. I bought it from LK Bennett, when the eponymous owner’s empire was limited to a single shop. Now her shoes are worn by the future Queen of England.
Eltham Palace

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