Monday, 19 October 2009

Earliest memories

One of my earliest memories relates to when I was around two years old. I was sitting fishing on the banks of a river. The fact that my fishing rod consisted of a twig and a piece of string that dangled high above the water line did not perturb me in the slightest. Suddenly, the river bank collapsed and I fell headlong, like Alice in Wonderland, into an enchanting new world. Unlike Alice’s, mine was tinted a shimmering emerald green. I was so entranced I lay gently floating in the water, oblivious to the blind panic of the adults near by. Eventually, I was fished out of the river, swaddled in a grey woollen blanket and placed in the back seat of the old family car to be driven home. I realise in retrospect that my green world was simply the sunlight dancing off the weeds, swaying to and fro just below the surface. But now, whenever I find myself by the sea, I swim out as far as possible and allow myself to be borne along by the strong currents until the point where I must either swim against them and return safely to shore or else drift forever onwards, just as I had done on that magical day all those years ago,

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