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Monday, 19 October 2009


I was watching a French murder mystery DVD when I heard a woman’s screams and what sounded like a bang. I look out the window. The woman is still screaming hysterically and waving her arms in the air begging for help. I grab my keys, my hat, a coat and a mobile phone. When I cross the road I see a young man lying on the ground. He is covered with blood. Has he been knifed, shot, a traffic victim? I got to the parked range rover. One side is covered with blood. I later discovered the blood was caused by the guy slumping over the car when the driver stopped to offer assistance. A woman and two young boys are sitting in it. I ask if the police have been called. It seems they have.
I speak to a man who had been out jogging. He is from Florida. He tells me what he has seen. The young man is very drunk. The Florida man said he tried to strangle his girlfriend and then vanished before re-appearing with bloody wounds and a desire to get mown down by cars by running headlong into the traffic. My desire to staunch his wounds vanish. I am tired of reading about men murdering their partners. Let him bleed to death!

Suddenly an ambulance appears. A female paramedic leaps out and goes to the young man’s aid.
“Get my green bag and a blanket”, she orders the young woman. I accompany her to the ambulance but the female driver refuses to hand over the bag. I see she already has a patient lying in the back with an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose.
“I am not allowed to hand it over”, the driver explains.
We return to the paramedic with the news. She is applying pressure to his wound.
“Tell Fiona to give you the bag!”
We return with the bag and Fiona.
The police arrive. They take statements. A second ambulance draws up.
The young man has lost around two pints of blood but will survive.
The spilt blood is so plentiful it looks unreal, more like crimson paint. I hope it will rain during the night and wash it all away.

The young woman wants to ride in the ambulance but is refused, although the officer says he will give her a lift to the hospital. I offer her my mobile so that she can call her family. I give a running commentary to the woman in the range rover. I assure her and her sons that the young man has been conscious throughout and because of the prompt action of the emergency services will survive. I thank her for being a Good Samaritan and stopping to help the young woman. I refrain from telling her sons that the young man is a fool. Romeo did not try to kill Juliet. Far from looking heroic, the young man’s actions were at best pathetic and at worst contemptible. I hope the young woman has sensible family and friends who will advise her to dump the loser promptly before he ends up killing her for real the next time they have a row.

I return home and switch on the television. A young woman tells an interviewer that we all need True Love and a Soul-mate. Money may be the root of all evil that men do but the Western notion of True Love must follow a close second.

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